Hands On Science

Due to COVID 19 changes are made to our program schedule. Cancellations will appear in the individual school posts in our calendar. Please check often for changes and updates.

The Hands On Science Program is a great opportunity for students to learn through “doing.”  Many activities have something that the children can take home with them to show mom or dad what they did or to spark further observations/ discussions.

Children pick 7  science activities from the form that has at least 18 choices. The Discovery Center will group children by age and assign your child 3 of his/her 7 choices for the Saturday or Sunday program  or 2 of his/her 7 choices if doing the week night program.  Children who are chosen to do  Rocketry  will use the entire morning for those activities so they will do Rocketry and one other workshop. 

SURPRISE / MYSTERY WORKSHOPS are offered from time to time and your child can select this in addition to his/her choices to experience something that is not offered in regular selection.

The Saturday or Sunday program has a magic show during lunch.  Lunch can be pre-purchased for $3.50 and will include an all beef hot dog, drink and snack.  Or you can purchase lunch items a la carte.  Please send your child with $4-5 to purchases items the day of the event  or if you prefer send a bag lunch. For your convenience, children can also purchase snacks and drinks starting at $1.00


Click here to view the form.

If you are a school principal, teacher or PTA interested in bring the program to your school click here

How do I register? Use one form for 1-3  children/ same family, online  1 kid = $38.50   / 2 kids = $72  / 3 kids = $ 105
or if you are mailing it in use one form 1-4 children/same family: 1 kid = $38.50   / 2 kids = $72  / 3 kids = $ 105 / 4 kids = $ 140
ADD $ 3.50 per child for lunch if you would like for us to provide lunch: all beef hotdog, drink and snack ( it is cheaper to pre-pay for lunch)

To register by credit card or debit card click on the number of children you are registering. They must be siblings

ONE CHILD                     TWO CHILDREN            THREE CHILDREN

To pay by check you need to download and mail the form or get one from your school office. There is a $30 surcharge for bounced checks. Families of 4 need to register by mail.

Shopping at our Tupperware site benefits you — Now you can receive $5 off Hands on Science simply attach confirmation to mail in registration registration and pay $5 less or bring with you and we will hand you $5 cash!   All BPA free and still comes with Tupperware’s Lifetime Warranty!  Great new lunch items and flip top water bottles visit  our website

To register by mail — click on the date with your school in the HOS calendar on our site and you will find the correct mail in form to register or see your school office.


Changes to dates and locations are made from time to time, please check for updated information.

Will I get a confirmation?  Yes if you register online you will get a payment confirmation and that “assumes” we have the registration. However if you mail in a registration The Discovery Center is a not for profit  organization it is impossible to call each person. Please assume you are in unless you hear from us. If you feel you want to verify, please email us about 1 week before your event. Jnewman@DiscoveryCtr.org